Job Description Teardown : If You Want To Attract Right Talent, Pay Attention To This

How to write good job descriptions
How to write good job descriptions

Attracting the best talent is becoming tough for the recruiters. Few years ago you could pick your 1000 year old job description template, change few details and post it all over the Internet. And see the applications pouring in.

Not anymore.

The way you wouldn’t settle for just another candidate, even the talent does not like to browse through just another job description which looks boring, dull, copied from an ancient piece of text. The primary reason is : it generic job description doesn’t connect with the candidate’s talent.

To help the hiring managers and recruiters, we are starting a new series of blog posts. It’s called “Job Description Teardowns.”

In these series of posts, we will look at job descriptions of various roles at all kinds of companies – large and startups – and highlight areas which are attractive for a candidate.

We are hoping that you too will share your expert opinion and findings with Recruitring community via the comments section below.

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