Paypal Full Stack JavaScript Engineer : Tear Down

Recruitring team runs a blog post series called “Job Description Teardown“. This post is part of that series.

Below is a tear-down of job description for Javascript Engineer at Paypal which was posted on LinkedIn.

Here’s our take.

Job description

As a Senior Software engineer, you will be responsible for working on applications and services that handle consumer on-boarding and engagement. You will work in a fast-paced environment where continuous innovation and experimentation are a given.You will master both established and cutting edge technologies like, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, Node.js, React, Angular, NoSQL DB like MongoDB among others.

Recruitring: This is great. Instead of just mentioning high level tech stack, this goes in detail. For e.g. it doesn't stop at Javascript but also tells which JS frameworks/ packages are used at this team.
  • Be driven to get results and not let anything get in your way
  • Be proactive and anticipate/handle most issues before they blowup
  • Exhibit a strong backbone and challenge the status quo when needed
  • Demonstrate a high level of curiosity and keep abreast of the latest technologies
  • Show pride of ownership and strive for excellence in everything they do Work experience
  • Expert in Cleint-side and Server-side Javascript programming
  • Proficient in modern database/storage technologies
  • Competent in designing and building web applications and/or web services in a commercial setting
  • Competent in design/implementation for reliability, availability, scalability and performance
  • Competent in software engineering tools and best practices
  • Conversant in web technologies – HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, NodeJS, React/Angular
Recruitring: Spelling mistake, huh? Probably coders don't care for it as their variable names sometimes are "cntr" (for counter), "totl" (for total). It's cool, it's cool.

Basic Qualifications

  • Design, development, and testing of features/functions delivered via applications and services
  • Collaborating with peers and seniors both within their team and across the organization
  • Working with product managers using agile methodologies to deliver high quality solutions on time
  • Working with operations teams to ensure your applications and services are highly available and reliable
  • Supporting your applications and/or services as and when required on a 24×7 basis
Recruitring: Use some past data of previous instances and tell how much that could mean. Also, does it mean there is no support team? Just makes a star developer wonder what exactly this work is managed.
  • Masters Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or BS with equivalent work experience
  • 6+ years of related experience
Recruitring: This is not a very impressive job description. Looks like it was built via the generic template - someone changed few words here and there. Not built for a star team member in mind.

Please see Airbnb's Job Description. It was quite impressive.